Bear’s Brews

Weekly Pub talks are hosted at Peter B’s Brewing in Monterey, CA by Jeff White on behalf of KRML 102.1 radio. I began attending these live recordings in an attempt to gain more knowledge of the craft that I was tapping into (pun 100% intended). This also creates an easy transition to the unofficial “Beer School” that is hosted after the show by Storied Pint Brewing Co., a craft beer brand that is gaining momentum under Brewer, Kevin Wright. The reasoning backing the name is reintroduced throughout the lessons, as well as in general conversations with this impeccable individual. A notable quote to summarize the branding behind this brewery is the following :

“Every beer should have a story, every beer should tell a story, and you should drink them while sharing or making stories”
Kevin Wright

Aside from learning about the subject of beer and brewing, I have been challenged to grow hops. For those who are unfamiliar, hops are what add the bittering and (for the most part) flavor and aroma components to a brew. Dwayne from Bottoms Up Home Brewing in Seaside, CA has been so kind as to supply the Cascade rhizomes to start my hop plants. I referenced the American Homebrewer’s Association “How to Grow Hops at Home” article to research all the soil pH levels, soil composition, watering routines, fertilization methods, and more to prepare myself for the newest babies in the garden.