Pantry Stickers – Customize Your Own!

This year, upon moving into my first apartment, I have channeled Marie Kondo and slowly made changes to create a clean, organized, and maintainable environment. One of my favorite projects has been organizing my pantry. I picked up these clear, cost-friendly pantry bins from Target purchase here. For size reference, the measurements of the bin for the smallest “seeds” bins is 4” * 4” * 4”. 

Smallest “seeds” Bins

One of the many reasons I enjoy keeping my dry goods in storage containers such as these is for bulk food shopping. I prefer to head to Whole Foods for my bulk shopping because I am able to put my dry goods directly into the container, eliminating the using of the provided plastic bags. Much like bringing your own shopping bag to the grocery store, there are small positive habits that can be adapted to mitigate a personal waste footprint. According to a post on the University of Michigan’s website, “In 2015, the average American generated 4.5 lbs of municipal solid waste (MSW) each day, with only 1.6 lbs recovered for recycling or composting. For comparison, MSW generation rates (lbs/person/day) were 2.20 in Sweden, 2.98 in the U.K., and 3.71 in Germany.” (read more) For America, I think a lot of this waste can be contributed to the designs of the packaging for the products that we purchase. By eliminating the packaging entirely, this eliminates an entire portion of waste that was simply a part of habit. By this, I mean I used to go to the store, grab a pre-packaged dry good, bring it home and try to pour it into a container and have the amount not match up leaving odd endings to food bags that awkwardly took up space in the cupboard. I was throwing a good deal of packaging away just to transport something from a store to my house.

Being in an apartment with two other people, I have a small kitchen storage space that needs to be used efficiently. These clear bins fit that need to keep a tidy cupboard. I can also easily find what I need visually without having to rearrange my entire cupboard in an attempt to find one thing. 

Another bonus is that it is incredibly satisfying to open a cupboard and have everything be organized, and these vinyl decals help make that dream come true. They are easy to apply, don’t come off when washed, and are a daily timesaver when looking for items in your pantry. 

If you would like to customize your own vinyl decals for your pantry bins, click here ( for more information! 

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