Bear’s Summer Stuffed Eggplant

Monterey County offers a farmers market every day of the week, and it is my goal to attend each and every one of them. In order to cross off one of my list, I attended the market on Friday mornings at Monterey Peninsula College. 

The inspiration for this meal sparked when I encountered this funky-looking vegetable. 


Upon asking what it was, I was informed the base for my meal was an eggplant. A few weeks prior, when shopping in Trader Joe’s, a checker named Lisa suggested that I cook my eggplants like baked potatoes. I took Lisa’s advice and took one of these bad boys with me, thinking that it would be the perfect portion for one meal. 

A few paces along, I came across another fun find – Summer Squash! I have quite a few plants from the squash family currently thriving in my backyard, so seeing another variation was a thrill. 

Summer Squash

These mini vegetables would serve as one of the ingredients in the filling of my baked eggplant. 

Further down the row I ran into an olive oil vendor. One day, I plan to have my own olive grove and press my own olive oil. Until that day, I will support local businesses such as Belle Farms. I tried the pleasant peppery oil they had on tap and took a bottle of the cooking oil home. They sell growlers that you can bring back for refills as well. 

Now that I had all my ingredients, it was time to head home and prepare a quick meal before work. 

Follow the recipe to see how I combined all my farmer’s market finds!

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